360º Full Induction

360º Full Induction

The Essence collection incorporates a new Full Induction 360º diffuser base, which means that its performance is extended across the whole base of each pan, thus enabling increased superficial contact with induction hobs and therefore more effective heat distribution and greater cooking speed. Moreover, the Essence diffuser base was conceived to avoid distortion due to thermal shock. Essence is compatible with all the different cooking hobs on the market and shows optimum performance from induction to gas.

360º Full Induction

Maximum non-stick surface

The Essence collection has two high-performance non-stick coatings (Quantanium and Xylan+) with different properties, depending on the type of pan. An ingenious reinforcement system has been designed for those pans which are subject to more intensive use: a new Titanium Mesh, which increases resistance to scratching and wear and tear, thanks to the incorporation of titanium particles.

The Essence collection incorporates QuanTanium into the pans which are subject to more intensive wear and tear. Quantanium is the best non-stick coating on the market which includes titanium manufactured by Whitford for Infinity Chefs. QuanTanium is the first and only multi-layer non-stick surface with a mixture of titanium particles. It is highly resistant to scratching, abrasion and wear and tear, which beats any conventional non-stick coating on the market. With QuanTanium, reinforced with our brand-new Titanium Mesh, consumers can now enjoy the benefits of the best non-stick surface and be sure that it can handle anything.

For the lesser-used pans, Infinity Chefs have used Xylan+, a high-performance non-stick coating with a multi-layer reinforcement system. Xylan+ has a smooth finish and is easy to clean.

Titanium mesh reinforcement
Made from titanium particles, this mesh maximizes the scratch resistance of both non-stick surfaces used in the Essence collection. A hexagonal design gives the mesh structural consistency for a stronger coating.

Infinity Chefs' coatings are developed on the basis of three fundamental principles:

  • Non-stick: food will not stick to the bottom and this avoids the generation of toxic substances.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits: it is not necessary to use fat or oil, which guarantees a regular, more healthy diet.
  • Product protection
Maximum non-stick surface

PFOA free | Highly scratch resistant | Cook with a minimum of oil or fat | Easy to clean

High-performance handles with an innovative design

High-performance handles with an innovative design

The handles of the Essence collection from Infinity Chefs are made of Bakelite and enable us to work with total safety and control, thanks to their design.

The Essence collection soft-touch handles give you a perfect, safe grip and maximum comfort when cooking. Their design prevents each utensil from overheating, so you won't get burnt, and of course perfectly insulates the heat from the body of each pan.

Moreover, each handle has been colour coded to identify the different measures of each article in the Essence collection easily.

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